An after hours cafe? What are you guys thinking??

Yes, yes, we know it's an unusual idea and somewhat risky??

But we thought we'd give it a go!

Just please give us a  second to explain and maybe you'll be on the same page as we are.


Firstly, we are a family establishment consisting of a dad who's in the AFP, a mum who brings the Indonesian flair all the way from South Sumatra and the son Zac, barista at heart, and full time hospitality worker. 


All with hospitality experience both past and present. So, as far as we know, we got this! 

Now that we are practically best friends, this is why we have created 'kita'

The after hours, resonates from workmates always having issues finding decent coffee and a place to eat post 9pm. The menu is Indonesian inspired as so the name 'kita' meaning "us" or "we". In Bahasa Indonesia. 

We wanted to create a space where at anytime of the night someone can get great food paired with great coffee and excellent service. 


We aim to cater for all shift workers, service men, uni students (we have free wifi!) and anyone else that doesn't feel like going home after a late movie or dinner. 

A nocturnal hotspot.